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When ordering, the Kitchen may be Busy, so please order "Well in Advance" to give us time to Prepare and Cook your dishes.

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Traditional Roast of the Day with all the Trimmings. Your choice of Three Roasts from Beef, Pork, or Gammon, all topped with Chef’s Magnificent Gravy. Served with Yorkshire Pudding and Seasonal Vegetables with a Hint of Garlic. Accompanied by Roast Potatoe... More
Roast Beef
‎£ 14.95
Roast Pork
‎£ 14.95
Roast Gammon
‎£ 14.95
1 Foil Container/Roast
‎£ 0.95

Egg Pasta & Mushrooms in a White Sauce with Pecorino Cheese and a hint of Chilli. (Accompanied by Garlic Bread)

‎£ 14.95

Seasonal Root Vegetables in our Mild Korma Curry Sauce. Served with Boiled Rice & Naan Bread.

‎£ 15.95

Chunks of Highland Wild Venison braised for four hours, cooked & served in our Creamy Masala Curry Sauce. (Accompanied by Boiled Rice & Naan Bread)

‎£ 16.95

12-inch Pizza topped with Mozzarella Cheese on a Tomato Sauce Base, or customise it with Extras to make it your own.

‎£ 13.95

12 Inch Pizza, topped with a Tomato base,  Mozzarella Cheese and Peperoni Slices.

‎£ 15.95

12 Inch Pizza, topped with a Tomato base,  Mozzarella Cheese and Smoked Ham and Pineapple.

‎£ 17.95

12 Inch Pizza, topped with a Tomato Base,  Mozzarella Cheese and Chicken, Ham, Pepperoni & Smoked Sausage & BBQ Sauce.

‎£ 21.95

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